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Muscle Repair

Today is my monthly weigh-in day.  I hate that it fell on this day.  My body is sore and full of water repairing my muscles.  I was hoping to see my body fat go down, but the numbers are all screwed up from the water bloat in my muscles.  I definitely didn’t eat as well as I hoped this past month, and didn’t start cardio until this week, but I lifted hard this month.

I intend to continue to train for the Marathon a few days a week this month (cardio), and eat better.  Still going to go at the weights hard.  I may be traveling a bit this next month for work, so it will be interesting to see how my numbers shake out in November!

September 7, 2011 | Weight 133.4 pounds | Body Fat 21.8% | Muscle Mass 39.9% | Body Water 57.3 % | BMI 21.7

October 7, 2011 | Weight 133.4 pounds | Body Fat 22.3% | Muscle Mass 39.5% | Body Water 56.7% | BMI 21.7


Hormones + Increase Testosterone from Weight Lifting = RAGE

My testosterone appears to be naturally increasing from the weight lifting.  Few days before cycle starts, and my hubby really pissed me off.  Normally I just yell, but this time I threw a glass of water on him, whipped a dog bone at him (well not intending to hit him), and threw a wooden dining room chair.  I was PISSED!  I felt the RAGE of testosterone mixed with PMS hormones!  Interesting…

Oh, It’s Been Some Journey This Past Year!

I’m back!  Oh how I’ve missed you blog!

Ok, so I was doing great a year ago.  Was down to a size 0.  Feeling great!  Had a whole new beautiful wardrobe!  But I was still searching for the root cause of my constant nasal congestion!

Saw a naturopath and was diagnosed with Candida.  Tried to follow the diet, but was dropping weight too much and hit 115 pounds.  So, I decided to pack on some pounds so I could follow the diet and rid my body of the Candida.  BAD BAD idea!

I quickly got addicted to sugar again and haven’t been able to kick the addiction yet!  Packed on 20 pounds and don’t get to wear my beautiful wardrobe or feel good about myself.

During the journey, I also was diagnosed with food intolerances to sugar, wheat and dairy.  Of course!  That’s why I dropped the weight and felt great when I gave up the sugar, wheat and dairy! 

Tomorrow I start following Eat Right for Your Blood Type.  I know there is truth to this diet.  Now, to kick the sugar!!!  But this time, the fruit stays…at least until I need to say goodbye to it.

I started working out with a personal trainer in May.  I am dedicated to working with her until next May.  I vow to make this next adventure worth it! 

Off to my size 0s!  Or at least my 2s 🙂

430am wake-up = Exercising!

Am finally back on track!  Was so excited to exercise this morning that I couldn’t wait to get up.  My new wake up call comes at 430am! 

Starting out slow.  About a half hour stretch and a half hour on the treadmill.  Getting my body stretched out nice and slow.  It felt SO good to get back to interval training!

P90X has to wait a while…

Slow Progress…

Due to some traveling lately, my nice progress down to 130.2 pounds is gone and I’m only down to 132 pounds.  Either way, I think this next month will be a good month!

The exercising has been slow to happen.  Got on the treadmill only once.  But a nice 2.5 foot winterstorm blew thru and I managed to get some snow shoveling exercising in…not fun.  Plenty of recovering time in.  Going to get a pedometer soon…

Read Eat This and Live.  Great book!  Well written.  Enlightened me some more about food.  Working my down to being a vegetarian…this change will take some time.


After 5 weeks, new X-Rays show progress!  Down to only a -5% reverse curve!!!  Keeping up with the posture as much as possible.  Got on the treadmill this morning…first in a long long time!  Felt good, but I can feel my body needs time to adjust. 

Will be sticking with some light stretching and light treadmill work for a while.

Blood Type Diet Update

Been following the diet for the most part…weekends are hard.  BUT, found out a few things by following the diet.   Found out which foods cause my IBS to flare!  I avoid those foods, and I feel pretty normal!

Not helping too much with the chronic nasal congestion tho.  BUT, I believe by avoiding the dairy and cheese on the diet, it’s the reason why I’ve lost the last 5 pounds!  SO close to the 120s on the scale…I think I may see 129 this week!!!!!


Oh I miss music!  I haven’t been into tunes lately…not sure why.  But I’m ready to get back on my treadmill and crank them up and go into my zone!

Cranky, Cranky!

OK, so don’t go a whole day without eating much food!  Surprisingly I wasn’t all that hungry, but was very cranky, frustrated, upset, and had a headache!  That blood sugar is important!

I haven’t been too prepared lately with my meals.  I need to get back on track.  I will be making dinner tonight, will have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch, and WILL run in the AM.  I miss exercising, or at least the great feeling I have when I’m done!  When I get a great 20 minute interval workout on the treadmill, I feel so amazing!  The amazing feeling is when I can run at 8.0+ mph and not feel my fat jiggle!  I have a feeling I will be feeling the jiggle tomorrow tho.

Down to 138 pounds from the weekend gain.   Need to figure out how to control those weekend gains again.  I remember I gained some control over that before my vacation.  Maybe it was the exercising I did regularly before the trip.  That sounds about right.

Still getting used to seeing my butt so small!  There’s still plenty there to lose, but I seriously look thinner than my mental picture is of me.   I know that when you lose a lot of weight after being heavier for so long, it takes a while for your mental picture to catch up.  I still think sometimes I’m in the 160s or 170s.  Maybe when I hit 135 regularly, it might hit me that I’m actually 135 and skinny!

New Year’s is closing in fast!  Maybe the added exercising will get me to my goal for this year!  I seriously cannot believe I’m this close to it!  And that I will finally keep my weight battle New Year’s resolution!!!!!

Starting to feel the goodness of a sugar free life!

I have so much energy this AM!!!!  I feel great!  My skin is looking better, and my body pain is diminishing.  Why on earth did I leave this life for a while????

Yesterday I was so hungry I ate half my food for the work day before 10am!  Today, the hunger pains aren’t so bad. 

Lost another pound and a half.  One more pound and I see a new record on the scale!

This time around for detoxing is definitely easier than the first!  Will power is much easier to come by and the detox symptoms are minimal.

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