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P90X – Day 9

Plyo!  I am beat!  I was beat going into Plyo…I wanted to quit 15 minutes in.  I stuck it out!  I can jump better!


P90X – Day 8

Back on track…had to take a few days off. 

Chest and Back.  I can feel the new strength, but still weak for the pull-ups and chin-ups.  Still doing girl push-ups.  Did 20 pound lawnmowers.

P90X – Day 7

Stretching…and definitely needed!  Some stretches are simply amazing…others I could do without.  But overall, the best stretching I’ve had in a long time.

Week 1 down.  11 more to go!  BRING IT!

P90X – Day 6

Kempo.  Not a fan of punching, but enjoyed the kicking and as the video went on, started to like the punches.  Noticed all my training as of late has helped strengthen my legs.  Trying to do kicking in March at Boot Camp was like torture.  This time, I enjoyed the kicking!

P90X – Day 5

A bit late, but Day 5 workout was finally completed.  Legs and Back.  One of the hardest workouts I’ve done!  The sweat just poured.  Pure exhaustion afterwards…thank god it was Sunday and I could take a nap!

P90X – Day 4

Yoga proved to be a huge challenge for my husband.  We are splitting it across 2 days 😉  He did say that he felt better after doing it.

Update: Did some more of the yoga on day 2.  Still pretty hard!

P90X – Day 3

Well, female hormones took over yesterday!  I was exhausted…plus didn’t sleep well for 2 nights.  So, it was really early to bed and really early rising!  Did Shoulders and Arms this morning.  It wasn’t too bad.  Still loving Tony’s sets…it really breaks up the time and makes it SO much easier to finish the sessions.

Onward to Day 4 tonight…Yoga.

P90X – Day 2

Last night was Plyometrics! Squats, squats, squats! I ate just before starting the DVD…the first thing Tony says when I put the disk in is “Don’t eat within an hour of starting this!” Oh man! Then he says this disk is the “X” in P90X! I’m tired before I begin the disk and have a full stomach. Am I going to make it thru?

I did!

The way Tony breaks up the sets gave me milestones to work towards and before I knew it it was time to cool down!  I can’t jump, but I finished Day 2!

P90X – Day 1


Today’s Day 1 of a challenge I’ve been wanting to complete for 6 years!  I WILL complete P90X this year.

Update: Day 1 complete! Chest and Back-definitely hard! I am very weak when doing push-ups, pull-ups and chin-ups…doing girl push-ups right now. Always using a lot of assist to help with pull-ups and chin-ups.