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Cold Turkey

Today, after being so fed up with myself, I put myself first!  I pushed out 45 quick push-ups (would have done 50, but my dogs decided to intervene).  I did get 50 push-ups in last week!  I call them my cardio push-ups.  I do them quick and not quite sure if I have good form, but I do 50 nonetheless!

Then, I hopped on the treadmill and ran at 6.0 MPH for 20 minutes straight!!!!  Did sprints after that until I hit 3 miles.  So So proud of myself! 

I have come to the full realization that I am highly addicted to sugar again.  Can’t say NO to dessert.  Therefore, I quit sugar tomorrow cold turkey.  Yes, I said it!  Giving up sugar on Thanksgiving of all days!!!  It’s the only way I’m going to be able to gain control over my sugar addiction.  I know what I’m in for.  Not looking forward to the detox, but I’ll get thru it.  Hopefully it won’t be as bad as the first time 2.5 years ago.



Measurements are reflecting the buffing I’ve been doing.  Chest and arms have gotten leaner, waist has gotten stronger with muscles and legs and hips have gotten larger with muscle and fat.

Anne says women lose fat in their extremities first and then the legs, butt and hips last.  That’s exactly what is happening.  I’ve put on fat with the muscle.

Now, I’m in 4 weeks of cutting.  Was difficult to start as I had to get serious about my diet.  Cutting out sugar and carbs.  I’ve tried all year to do that.  Was never successful.  I couldn’t remember how I originally gave up sugar in the first place!

Then I remembered…I ate fat, A LOT of fat!  Animal fat, good fat, dairy fat…the more fat I ate, the more weight I seemed to lose. 

I’ve been somewhat successful at getting past the carb addiction.  I don’t crave the carbs anymore.  And I saw a break-through on the scale. 

Started my cycle today, so I’m super excited what the new diet and getting back on the up-swing of my hormones along with dropping the cycle water bloat will do to my fat loss efforts.


Challenge is DONE!  Went to the gym FINALLY after a week!  Feeling much more motivated and driven…thank you hormones for the upswing!

Oh, ya, back to the challenge being done…doing PT with Anne.  Did core, and in the middle of the core set, stopped to do push-ups.  Haven’t done the new shoulder width ones for Anne yet.  OK, here goes nothing.  Let’s see what number I’m up to with my physical progress…5, 10, that was easy and expected, pushing thru, feeling pretty damn good, 15, 20…no way, come on Tina, you can do this!  25, 27, getting hard…28, 29….30!  CHALLENGE DONE!  In only 9 days! OK, what’s next! 🙂

Exercise routine not over, finished up the core routine and moved onto back and biceps.  Felt great to get back to the gym!!!


40 Days to FIT!!! Day 40!

Here it is…Day 40 of the 40 Days to FIT Challenge!  Was hoping to feel pumped, excited!  Instead, I feel blah…

This week is PMS week.  Hormones have taken up residence in my body.  Thank goodness for my weekly PT appointment!  Today I must do 30 push-ups better than on day 35.

As I put the exercise mat out, I’m wondering if I can do this.  As I get on all fours, I’m not believing I can do this.  I know my lat is still healing.  My neck/trap is still bugging me.  And my drive is non-existent.  I tell Anne I don’t expect to be able to do the 30, but here goes nothing!

Thru 10, not feeling too bad.  Hit 15, half-way there!  Onto 20, still going strong…25, 5 more to go.  Hit 28, not slowing down…HOLY SHIT…seriously not slowing down!  29…and 30!!!!!!!

I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST DID THAT!  I powered thru all 30 without hesitation!  I know game day always gives me the extra drive I need!

These 40 days were worth every bead of sweat and deep breathe!  So proud of myself to have met my goal!  Onto the next one…


Today I turn 31!  Not a fan of 31.  LOVED being 30…will be 30 for 2 years.  I’ll accept being 32 next year, but for now, no, not 31.

I’m truly happy with where I’m at in life.

Personal: great relationship with my hubby.  Over the last 12 years, we’ve had our bumps and bruises, but we were diligent and committed to improve our relationship.  Today, we are better than ever and we are proud to be each others spouse.  We push each other to better themselves and provide support along the way.

Professional: am about to embark on a major career change.  Crossing fingers it comes thru.  HUGE change in income.  HUGE change in working environment.  HUGE change in who has control over me as a professional!

Body: LOVE what I’ve accomplished.  Totally committed to a total body transformation.  Taking it a day at a time, but really pushing it hard on the weights.  Don’t over do it, but definitely make my workouts count!  Someday, I will make cardio more than just a thought…

Looking forward to what this next year brings to my life…

Weight Lifting Really Works!

My doctor tasked me with a goal this year…put on 5 pounds of muscle.  I said “OK!”, but I secretly wondered if I could do it.  How long would it take?  How would I accomplish it?  What would I look like?  Would I fit into my clothes?

After 5 months of not going to the gym, I joined LA Fitness and hired a personal trainer.  She was so excited that she finally gets to focus on muscle building and not fat burning working with a woman!  Her, a former marine…this was going to be fun!  Yes, I want to burn the fat that I put on since November, but when I’m at the gym, goal is muscle building.  I know how to get rid of fat…

Well, I know I’ve put on fat…that’s a gimme.  But when I stood on that scale this morning to calculate my numbers, I was shocked to see that I put on muscle!  5 pounds of muscle!!!!!  I gave my personal trainer the good news and the measurements she took proved I’ve put on muscle and cut some fat!

I knew muscle building would be hard on the mind to deal with.  Watching the scale go up, up, and up over the last three months when I’m accustomed to it going down, down, and down has been difficult and disheartening.  I assumed I was just putting fat on.  I wasn’t super dedicated to working out.  I lifted only about once a week for most of the three months.  I enjoyed lots of alcohol and a vacation to boot.  Been addicted to sugar and carbs.  Figured it all had to be fat.  So relieved, astonished, amazed and happy to learn that I put muscle on this body!  Weight training really does work!  I have to wonder what I can actually do to this body if I really try…

Today, I get serious about sugar and carbs, and dedicate myself to the gym at least 3 days a week.  I turn 31 in 16 days and I would love to fit into my size 2 pants.  Right now, I’m in a size 6 and not too happy about it.  What weight will I need to be at to fit into my size 2 pants.  5 pounds of muscle changes a body. What body will I have when I drop the fat?  How much more muscle will I feel comfortable with putting on?

Size 0!!!

Tried on pants for the fall.  Couldn’t believe it when I tried on a size ZERO and they fit!!!!  Definitely put me in a good mood! 

NEVER thought I would fit into a ZERO!  I still have more weight to take off and tone up.  Couldn’t imagine fitting into a 00, but maybe!


Happy Anniversary to me!  One year since starting my lifestyle change and it’s been quite a year! 

The numbers on the scale are incredible!  I’ve lost 45.7 pounds, 15.8% body fat, and dropped my BMI 8.1 points!  I feel amazing! 

There were rough patches throughout the year, but I got right back on the horse.  My tastes have changed.  The yo-yoing has stopped!  I will never yo-yo again!  My threshold is 5 pounds and is only permitted if I’m on vacation or business travel.

I’m going to start exercising again in a week.  I should be able to get 6 solid weeks of exercising.  Looking forward to changes in my body tone!

Another milestone!!!

I’ve gotten down to 19% BF and over 60% water! 

I can’t wait until May 1 when I’m cleared to start doing strength training!  I need to build up my muscle in a big way.  Even though I’m well over 40% muscle, I need to increase that number with weight lifting.

I DID IT!!!!!

I DID IT!  I can’t believe it!  After nearly 5 years, I lost enough weight to meet my Weight Watchers goal, AND pass it up! 

When I wrote down 125 pounds as my goal, I certainly didn’t think I could meet it!  I didn’t have any memory when I weighed 125 pounds, and definitely not in an adult woman’s body.

What is shocking is that weighing 125 pounds didn’t give me the body I want.  I want to be toned and tight!  Buff! 

Now the new goal…transform this body into a rock hard machine!

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