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What is that?!

While getting ready for my good friend’s wedding, I caught a glimpse of my arm in the mirror.  I saw something popping out!…my tricep!!!!!  And it was nice and firm!  I yelled to my husband to admire my tricep!  Thank you push-up challenge 🙂


Clothes…need clothes

My new clothes I bought last year when I lost the weight the first time are getting big!!!  Running pretty low on a wardrobe.   But, I found out how much 5 pounds on this body is!  I cannot buy any clothes until I get close to my goal body/weight.  That’s my push!  I’m so close.  Once I cut the fat, I get to go shopping for clothes that will actually fit and make me feel good!  Maybe I’ll get to buy for summer.  I will be able to wear shorts!!!!  Then buy a whole new wardrobe for winter!  I don’t HAVE to buy wide leg pants anymore 😉

Oh, I’m so excited for 2010!