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BC Free – Day ???

OK, so I’ve stopped counting the days now.  It’s been a while 😉

I appear to be on regular monthly cycles, just about every 28 days…a good thing!

The verdict is still out on the acne.  Nasal congestion still bad.  But my mood is better.  Life is so much better without those artificial hormones in me!


BC Free – Day 63

My last menstrual cycle lasted only 4 days and was wonderful! 

My moods have been fabulous!  I’m returning to the old ME…ya!

Acne…who knows.  Only 2 months in.  Got to give it another month.

Crossed the 2 month mark being off birth control.  I’m definitely glad I got off the hormones!  Being the natural me is the best feeling ever!

BC Free – Day 46

Down more pounds!  Ya! 

Acne…going OK.  Not a huge improvement, but I don’t expect to see major changes until I break that 3 month mark.

Nasal congestion…no change.  Ugh!  Again waiting for that 3 month mark.

Mood…feel so much more like my old self!  Definitely nice!  Mood swings are much more under control.  Sex drive comes and goes.

Menstrual cycle is back.  Only 4 days behind schedule…that’s pretty good!

BC Free – Day 39

Hormones are pretty even.  Definitely feel more like my old teenage self.  Acne still a rage…but it’s only been 39 days, I still have hope they it will get better in the next two months.  Weight is still dropping! 

I did have two days of feeling like crap and other PMS symptoms last week, but maybe it was just the full moon! 

I’m SO glad I decided to remove the fake hormones from my body!  I will never go back on BC again!

BC Free – Day 22

Day 22!  Three weeks in.  It’s been a rough three weeks.  Last cycle lasted 7 days!…finished up 3/17. 

Finally feel like my hormones aren’t in control of me!  My mind is calm.  My abdomen doesn’t feel like some alien creature isn’t trying to crawl out of it anymore!  Did get a mild migraine and some headaches during this last cycle.

Body update:

Acne: seems to be getting a bit better.  not as oily, acne drying up a bit.  not getting as many and not as bad of breakouts, but it is still definitely a huge force on my face!

Nasal Congestion: no change.

Sex: the sensitivity is amazing!

BC Free – Day 14

Started cycle after a week of nothing.  Could tell I was retaining water, and the acne hasn’t improved yet.  I so want to get topical medicine from my dermatologist for my face b/c I look horrible!  But I will be patient with it.  If only I would stop picking!  Had a headache last night and cramping this morning.  The cramps weren’t bad tho.

BC Free – Day 9

Weight.  Down 3.6 pounds in a week!  Don’t know if it is because I’m off birth control, because I upped my intake of green tea, because I added in some walking/running interval training…its one of those things because it’s not my diet.  I didn’t change my diet…it’s still the same as its been.

Hormones.  Definitely felt my body going thru a hormonal shift this week.  Had a real cycle.  Lasted about 3-4 days. 

Congestion.  No change.


BC Free – Day 1

Had sex last night with a condom…a good condom 😉  definitely better than I remember!  I had a sex drive!  Granted, I had three drinks in me.  But still, the whole experience was more satisfying!

The best part…I didn’t have to clean up, my husband did! 😉

Granted it’s only been one day, but I feel as if my mood is better.  I have patience.  I’m more happy.  I’m more relaxed and less on edge.  I’m nice!


We’ve separated…my IUD and me.  I feel good.  My husband and I talked last night and I was able to get closure on my life with birth control.  I don’t know when I will go back on birth control if ever.  My 30s will be about starting our family.

I’m excited to experience any changes I may go thru BC free.  Oh, I hope there are changes!…good changes!

This is just another one of those life experiences that we all go thru.  I wasn’t really ramping up for it, kinda came out of nowhere.  Sometimes that’s the best kind. 

I can say I feel alive.  I feel more in control.  I’m not just blindly going thru life’s motions.  I’m feeling life.  That makes me happy…really happy!