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Measurements are reflecting the buffing I’ve been doing.  Chest and arms have gotten leaner, waist has gotten stronger with muscles and legs and hips have gotten larger with muscle and fat.

Anne says women lose fat in their extremities first and then the legs, butt and hips last.  That’s exactly what is happening.  I’ve put on fat with the muscle.

Now, I’m in 4 weeks of cutting.  Was difficult to start as I had to get serious about my diet.  Cutting out sugar and carbs.  I’ve tried all year to do that.  Was never successful.  I couldn’t remember how I originally gave up sugar in the first place!

Then I remembered…I ate fat, A LOT of fat!  Animal fat, good fat, dairy fat…the more fat I ate, the more weight I seemed to lose. 

I’ve been somewhat successful at getting past the carb addiction.  I don’t crave the carbs anymore.  And I saw a break-through on the scale. 

Started my cycle today, so I’m super excited what the new diet and getting back on the up-swing of my hormones along with dropping the cycle water bloat will do to my fat loss efforts.