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50 in 15 – Day 6

Only workout I got in today was some push-ups.  Whoa!  Definitely not feeling it today.  Only could push out 20 in a row!  But my muscles are still healing from yesterday’s workout and I know I didn’t eat enough protein or drink enough water today.  Day 6 – COMPLETE


50 in 15 – Day 5

Core workout with Anne.  Was a good core and low back workout.  Followed up with chest, shoulders and triceps.  Good workout today, but didn’t feel like I pushed my strength training workout enough.  Don’t think I’m feeding my body what I need to work out at optimal performance.  Did 35 wide armed push-ups in a row.  Making progress, but can’t feel the drag from not doing steady weight training.  Day 5 – COMPLETE

50 in 15 -Days 3 & 4

Nothing…man!  Too busy at home catching up from my too busy life.  Days 3 & 4 – COMPLETE

50 in 15 – Day 2

Worked out with Anne today.  Wasn’t a fan of the workout…cardio interval weight training.  She did have me do 3 sets of 17 diamond pushups on my knees.  I pushed them out, weren’t too bad.  Finished workout with 20 push-ups.  Day 2 – COMPLETE