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Cold Turkey

Today, after being so fed up with myself, I put myself first!  I pushed out 45 quick push-ups (would have done 50, but my dogs decided to intervene).  I did get 50 push-ups in last week!  I call them my cardio push-ups.  I do them quick and not quite sure if I have good form, but I do 50 nonetheless!

Then, I hopped on the treadmill and ran at 6.0 MPH for 20 minutes straight!!!!  Did sprints after that until I hit 3 miles.  So So proud of myself! 

I have come to the full realization that I am highly addicted to sugar again.  Can’t say NO to dessert.  Therefore, I quit sugar tomorrow cold turkey.  Yes, I said it!  Giving up sugar on Thanksgiving of all days!!!  It’s the only way I’m going to be able to gain control over my sugar addiction.  I know what I’m in for.  Not looking forward to the detox, but I’ll get thru it.  Hopefully it won’t be as bad as the first time 2.5 years ago.



Measurements are reflecting the buffing I’ve been doing.  Chest and arms have gotten leaner, waist has gotten stronger with muscles and legs and hips have gotten larger with muscle and fat.

Anne says women lose fat in their extremities first and then the legs, butt and hips last.  That’s exactly what is happening.  I’ve put on fat with the muscle.

Now, I’m in 4 weeks of cutting.  Was difficult to start as I had to get serious about my diet.  Cutting out sugar and carbs.  I’ve tried all year to do that.  Was never successful.  I couldn’t remember how I originally gave up sugar in the first place!

Then I remembered…I ate fat, A LOT of fat!  Animal fat, good fat, dairy fat…the more fat I ate, the more weight I seemed to lose. 

I’ve been somewhat successful at getting past the carb addiction.  I don’t crave the carbs anymore.  And I saw a break-through on the scale. 

Started my cycle today, so I’m super excited what the new diet and getting back on the up-swing of my hormones along with dropping the cycle water bloat will do to my fat loss efforts.

50 in 15 – Day 15!

Didn’t get to the gym today, but remembered…”Oh crap!  Today’s day 15!  I gotta do my push-ups!”

Pushed out 40!  Not quite 50, but 5 better than my best!  I’ll take it I guess. 

Still going to work up to 50! 


50 in 15 – Days 13 & 14

No progress!  Days 13 & 14 – COMPLETE 😦

50 in 15 – Day 12

BACK IN THE GYM!  I’m supposed to be cutting for 4 weeks.  Started out with push-ups…need to see if this goal of 50 is going to happen by Friday.  Nope…NOT GOING TO HAPPEN 😦  Only was able to do 35 push-ups.  BUT…It will continue to be my goal that I will strive for!

After I did a few sets of push-ups, I couldn’t bring myself to leave the weights to do cardio!  Had to get a back and bi workout in with some core.  More push-ups too.

Did head to the treadmill for some cardio, but was so discouraged over how much I was peeing!  Only did 7 minutes!  My pelvic floor is so DAMN week right now!

Headed back to the weights for a bit more back and core.

Felt great to get back to the gym!  Day 12 – COMPLETE

50 in 15 – Day 11

First day of work with my new job.  Didn’t take time for me today.  Nothing accomplished 😦 Day 11 – COMPLETE

50 in 15 – Days 8 – 10

Progress is not going well!  Been busy with ending my time at my job of 9 years.  Boozing, hangover.  Worth it, but ugh!

Weekend spent getting ready for my new job and rehabbing my kitchen.  Didn’t take time to exercise 😦

I don’t think there is any way I’m pushing out 50 in 5 more days!!!

Days 8 – 10 – NOT COMPLETE 😦

50 in 15 – Day 7

Workout with Anne.  Did core today …again.  Need to strengthen it!  My core is probably my weakest body part. 

Challenged Anne to a push-up challenge hoping it would push me past 35.   We had to use the same form.  Turns out, I’ve been using my shoulders more than my chest when doing push-ups.  I switched to Anne’s form and was only able to do 30 …ugh!  I should be proud of still being able to push them out, but I want 50!


50 in 15 – Day 6

Only workout I got in today was some push-ups.  Whoa!  Definitely not feeling it today.  Only could push out 20 in a row!  But my muscles are still healing from yesterday’s workout and I know I didn’t eat enough protein or drink enough water today.  Day 6 – COMPLETE

50 in 15 – Day 5

Core workout with Anne.  Was a good core and low back workout.  Followed up with chest, shoulders and triceps.  Good workout today, but didn’t feel like I pushed my strength training workout enough.  Don’t think I’m feeding my body what I need to work out at optimal performance.  Did 35 wide armed push-ups in a row.  Making progress, but can’t feel the drag from not doing steady weight training.  Day 5 – COMPLETE

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