Challenge is DONE!  Went to the gym FINALLY after a week!  Feeling much more motivated and driven…thank you hormones for the upswing!

Oh, ya, back to the challenge being done…doing PT with Anne.  Did core, and in the middle of the core set, stopped to do push-ups.  Haven’t done the new shoulder width ones for Anne yet.  OK, here goes nothing.  Let’s see what number I’m up to with my physical progress…5, 10, that was easy and expected, pushing thru, feeling pretty damn good, 15, 20…no way, come on Tina, you can do this!  25, 27, getting hard…28, 29….30!  CHALLENGE DONE!  In only 9 days! OK, what’s next! 🙂

Exercise routine not over, finished up the core routine and moved onto back and biceps.  Felt great to get back to the gym!!!



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