40 Days to FIT!!! Day 40!

Here it is…Day 40 of the 40 Days to FIT Challenge!  Was hoping to feel pumped, excited!  Instead, I feel blah…

This week is PMS week.  Hormones have taken up residence in my body.  Thank goodness for my weekly PT appointment!  Today I must do 30 push-ups better than on day 35.

As I put the exercise mat out, I’m wondering if I can do this.  As I get on all fours, I’m not believing I can do this.  I know my lat is still healing.  My neck/trap is still bugging me.  And my drive is non-existent.  I tell Anne I don’t expect to be able to do the 30, but here goes nothing!

Thru 10, not feeling too bad.  Hit 15, half-way there!  Onto 20, still going strong…25, 5 more to go.  Hit 28, not slowing down…HOLY SHIT…seriously not slowing down!  29…and 30!!!!!!!

I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST DID THAT!  I powered thru all 30 without hesitation!  I know game day always gives me the extra drive I need!

These 40 days were worth every bead of sweat and deep breathe!  So proud of myself to have met my goal!  Onto the next one…


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