40 Days to FIT!!! Day 34

Not feeling like the gym today, but I went!

Started off with push-ups to see if I will be able to do my 30 tomorrow with Anne.  Started doing them and realized a sharp pain in my lat!  Apparently, on Sunday, I hung too low doing pull-ups and messed something up!  Not cool!  Severely pissed off at this point!  I know I won’t be up to showing Anne my progress which really ticks me off!

Onto lower body.  Like I said, not feeling it.  I did the workout, but my heart and drive wasn’t in it.  I’m over the hump with my cycle and onto my downward spiral of hormones that are affecting my workout drive!  Buff Mother is truly right with this theory!  Knowing that this is how my body works, it will help me to push thru the lack of drive and do what I can with my workouts and marathon training.  Once I start my next month, I will push again just like I did this month!  What progress I made in those 2 weeks of buffing!



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