40 Days to FIT!!! Day 32

Not getting to the gym today wasn’t going to happen!  I didn’t think I was going to lift…thought I was just going to do cardio.  Seriously constipated…too much cheese and protein and not enough fiber and veggies.

Wanted to start off with push-ups to gauge my progress.  Did 30 wide leg push-ups in a row!  Followed-up with 14 MAN push-ups!!!  I was SO proud of myself!  Took a few minutes to just sit back and relish in my progress.  I felt so motivated to lift rather than do cardio tonight!

Onto back and biceps…been a while since I lifted back and bis.  Was happy with my weight lifting tonight.  Felt strong and pushed the weight.

Headed over to do a set…some pull-ups (I hate pull-ups!), some man push-ups…did 15, and some low-back lifting.  2nd set…12 push-ups.  3rd set…10 push-ups.  Finished off with some core.

Got home and did 20 more MAN push-ups in a row!!!!!

Tonight, I did 30 wide-leg push-ups and a total of 71 MAN push-ups!  I’m GOING to meet my goal of 30 man push-ups by day 40!

Day 32 – COMPLETE!


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