40 Days to FIT!!! Day 29

Started off with wide leg man pushups…I DID 16 IN A ROW!  Followed-up with 7 and then 7!

Onto chest presses.  Did 2 sets of 3 exercises with a slight incline, 2 sets of 3 exercises with a bigger incline, and 2 sets of 3 exercises flat, followed up with one more set of the straight arm single arm chest press.  Normally I can only do this exercise with 5 pounds less than my usual chest press weight.  This last round, I used the same weight as I use for double arm chest presses…and this was my 19th chest press exercise…I rocked those presses!!!  My chest is getting stronger!

Onto lower back extensions…upped the weight 5 pounds, and mixed in some side raises for my core.  2 sets.

Back to the mat to see if I can do some more push-ups.  Holy cow!  I banged out 10 wide leg push-ups!  Followed up with 5 more!  I couldn’t believe I had it in me to do the push-ups after working my chest  so much!

Onto more low back strengthening exercises.  Trying to work the muscles needed to do push-ups.  Clearly my low back is WEAK!

Over to the mat for some core.  Still can’t get the core workout like I got the first round with Anne a few weeks ago (NTS: work original core workout with Anne).

OK, one more round of push-ups…got 15 more to go.  Banged out 10 more in a row!  Followed-up with the last 5 to hit a total of 60!  So proud of myself!  Can’t wait to see how many I can do when I have PT with Anne next Wednesday!



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