40 Days to FIT!!! Day 28

Started off with 30 man wide leg push-ups.  I did 11 straight!!!!  Did the remaining 19 in intervals as I could push them out.  If I truly dedicate myself over the next 11 days, I believe I can knock out 30 man wide leg push-ups on day 40!

Onto lower body strength with Anne.   Did some different exercises than usual…always a good thing to change it up a bit.

My arches were so tight and painful as soon as I laced up my tennis shoes!  I still pushed myself to get on the treadmill.  3 miles in 34:36!  Cut 2:07 off my baseline!  No cramping in my abdomen today…that helped cut off the time, but my pelvis was weak and I leaked all thru the workout…disgusting!  Average pace of 11:32.  Ya!

Did a total of 40 minutes and 3.36 on the treadmill.  Went home and walked my babies again for another .8 miles.  Again …very slowly.  Have to sniff everything!



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