40 Days to FIT!!! Day 26

YES!  Back to the gym!!!!  And back in a big way!

PT with Anne…chest, shoulders, triceps and back.  Started out by doing 7 man pushups!  Well, I did them wide-leg, but still, manly version!  Followed by 7 girl push-ups.  Then another round, only got 2 manly push-ups in, followed by 8 girl…break…got the last 2 girl ones in.  Getting hard!!!!  Finally, only one manly push-up, 6 girl push-ups…break…get that last 5!  Did dips after each set up push-ups.  Getting there!

Did some bench chest presses.  Anne gave me 10s, I told her “Way too easy…give me 15s!”  She said I won’t want to go to 20s because that’s when I start bulking up.  I need to bulk up my chest…when I’m down to my skinniest, my chest is skin and bones!  She said, “Then go for the 20s!”

Followed up with some new chest and back exercises.

Onto the treadmill for my first marathon training session.  Have to break in my feet, ankles, etc.  Not too worried about the rest of my body or the time to complete…just worried my feet (which aren’t the best after having bunyon surgery as a teenager and having a mild/moderate bunyon on the other foot) won’t hold up.  Marathon walkers/runners must adhere to a 13:42 per mile pace.  I did three miles on the treadmill to see where my initial pace is…3 miles in 36:43 minutes!  Better than the pace!  Granted, that is the first 3 miles, but not bad for the baseline.  I managed to jog for 4 minutes straight!…about 4/10 of a mile.

Did a total of 40 minutes and 3.2 miles on the treadmill.  Went home and walked my baby girls (doggies!) to get that last .8 mile in.  Much much slower this time as there was lots of sniffing around 🙂

Day 26 – COMPLETE!


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