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50 in 15 Challenge – Day 1

New challenge: 50 shoulder width push-ups in 15 days.  Don’t want 30 to be a glass ceiling, want to bust thru it like all woman should!

Day 15: November 11!



Challenge is DONE!  Went to the gym FINALLY after a week!  Feeling much more motivated and driven…thank you hormones for the upswing!

Oh, ya, back to the challenge being done…doing PT with Anne.  Did core, and in the middle of the core set, stopped to do push-ups.  Haven’t done the new shoulder width ones for Anne yet.  OK, here goes nothing.  Let’s see what number I’m up to with my physical progress…5, 10, that was easy and expected, pushing thru, feeling pretty damn good, 15, 20…no way, come on Tina, you can do this!  25, 27, getting hard…28, 29….30!  CHALLENGE DONE!  In only 9 days! OK, what’s next! 🙂

Exercise routine not over, finished up the core routine and moved onto back and biceps.  Felt great to get back to the gym!!!


GDWC – Days 4 to 8

LIFE!  Way to busy…started so many projects and not taking the time for me!  Haven’t done anything physical for myself from Days 4 to 8.  Crap, this challenge is getting away from me.  Days 4 to 8 – COMPLETE 😦

GDWC – Day 2 & 3

Nothing accomplished these days on this challenge 😦

However, I did RESIGN from my job of over 9 years today!!!  🙂

Will be working from home and traveling a lot!  Will have to find a new schedule to keep up with the work/life/workout balance.

Oh happy day!  How I have been waiting for you for SO long!

GDWC – Day 2

Chest, shoulders, and TRI’S!  Anne had me do scorpion push-ups…if it weren’t for my ass being so sore from Monday’s workout, I would have rocked those push-ups!  Can’t wait to show my hubby those push-ups…

Since it was still nice out (awful weather will be descending down onto Pittsburgh over the next few days), I opted to walk my doggies afterwards rather than stick around and his the treadmill for 40 minutes.  Day 2 – COMPLETE

What is that?!

While getting ready for my good friend’s wedding, I caught a glimpse of my arm in the mirror.  I saw something popping out!…my tricep!!!!!  And it was nice and firm!  I yelled to my husband to admire my tricep!  Thank you push-up challenge 🙂

Good-bye to the Double Wave Challenge! (GDWC) Day 1

Today I start the Good-bye to the Double Wave Challenge! …from here on out to be known as GDWC.  It will be a 30 day challenge with game day set for November 16, 2011.

The goal: do 30 push-ups with arms shoulder width apart.  This will target my triceps!


Baseline: 11 push-ups!  only 19 more to add…

40 Days to FIT!!! Day 40!

Here it is…Day 40 of the 40 Days to FIT Challenge!  Was hoping to feel pumped, excited!  Instead, I feel blah…

This week is PMS week.  Hormones have taken up residence in my body.  Thank goodness for my weekly PT appointment!  Today I must do 30 push-ups better than on day 35.

As I put the exercise mat out, I’m wondering if I can do this.  As I get on all fours, I’m not believing I can do this.  I know my lat is still healing.  My neck/trap is still bugging me.  And my drive is non-existent.  I tell Anne I don’t expect to be able to do the 30, but here goes nothing!

Thru 10, not feeling too bad.  Hit 15, half-way there!  Onto 20, still going strong…25, 5 more to go.  Hit 28, not slowing down…HOLY SHIT…seriously not slowing down!  29…and 30!!!!!!!

I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST DID THAT!  I powered thru all 30 without hesitation!  I know game day always gives me the extra drive I need!

These 40 days were worth every bead of sweat and deep breathe!  So proud of myself to have met my goal!  Onto the next one…

40 Days to FIT!!! Day 39

Still recovering from Friday!  This evening I decided to try and do my push-ups since tomorrow is DAY 40!  Holy shit!  HARD AS HELL!  Pardon my language!  Is it that my body is recovering, or that my hormones are causing me not to HAVE IT?  My lat is still bothering me, and my neck has decided to kink up from the trip…ugh!  Day 39 – COMPLETE 😦

40 Days to FIT!!! Days 37-38

Ugh!  Away on a trip…lots of alcohol on Friday left Saturday as a day of rest 😦  Days 37 & 38 – COMPLETE

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