40 Days to FIT!!! Day 22

Planned on ripping my lower body to shreds!   But, while doing my workout, things weren’t clicking on all cylinders.  I carbo-loaded at lunch hoping it would give me the extra boost.  I started out with my jump squats like usual…after my first set, the second set was hard and I was so unstable!  Didn’t have it in me to do as many reps with the heavier weight on leg presses…what’s up?!

I’m only just getting over my cycle now…maybe my hormones haven’t kicked in yet. Buff Mother says a woman’s hormones start to rebuild after she starts her cycle.  Maybe they aren’t at their peak yet…I’m on day 4.  I will do the same workout next week and see how I feel…

I kept pushing it throughout my workout.  Upped my weight on my weighted walking lunges to the 30 pound bar from the 20 pound bar.  Unstable!!!!  Weight wasn’t that heavy to me, but my stability was so off!  But, that’s the point of those lunges…build stability.  Did two more sets of different lunges, some diagonal squats, wall squats, step ups, dumbbell dead lifts (form?).  Didn’t do a lot of weighted workout to my satisfaction (note to self: do lower body strength with Anne to push the weighted exercises).  Added in some core and did couldn’t manage but one man push-up.  Finished off 25 girl push-ups in a row…was pissed at myself for not getting the last 5 in!  Took a water break and only managed another 16 girl push-ups.




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