Today I turn 31!  Not a fan of 31.  LOVED being 30…will be 30 for 2 years.  I’ll accept being 32 next year, but for now, no, not 31.

I’m truly happy with where I’m at in life.

Personal: great relationship with my hubby.  Over the last 12 years, we’ve had our bumps and bruises, but we were diligent and committed to improve our relationship.  Today, we are better than ever and we are proud to be each others spouse.  We push each other to better themselves and provide support along the way.

Professional: am about to embark on a major career change.  Crossing fingers it comes thru.  HUGE change in income.  HUGE change in working environment.  HUGE change in who has control over me as a professional!

Body: LOVE what I’ve accomplished.  Totally committed to a total body transformation.  Taking it a day at a time, but really pushing it hard on the weights.  Don’t over do it, but definitely make my workouts count!  Someday, I will make cardio more than just a thought…

Looking forward to what this next year brings to my life…


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