40 days to FIT!!! Day 1

I signed up for the 40 days to FIT!!! challenge from Buff Mother Michelle Berger (one of my inspirations).  Today’s Day 1.  I’m pumped!

I’m going to be sure to do something physically challenging every day.  If I can’t get to the gym, I intend to do 100 lunges that day.  My personal trainer has taught me variations to the traditional lunges that really do target the double-butt area!!!

I start leading my friend with her weight training next week.  She needs to change up her routine, and my PT has introduced me to a ton of exercises that really bust my ASS!  I’m super excited to lead my friend as I always like to be challenged.  And it will keep me at the gym longer!



Day 1: Excellent lower body workout! – COMPLETED


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