Weight Lifting Really Works!

My doctor tasked me with a goal this year…put on 5 pounds of muscle.  I said “OK!”, but I secretly wondered if I could do it.  How long would it take?  How would I accomplish it?  What would I look like?  Would I fit into my clothes?

After 5 months of not going to the gym, I joined LA Fitness and hired a personal trainer.  She was so excited that she finally gets to focus on muscle building and not fat burning working with a woman!  Her, a former marine…this was going to be fun!  Yes, I want to burn the fat that I put on since November, but when I’m at the gym, goal is muscle building.  I know how to get rid of fat…

Well, I know I’ve put on fat…that’s a gimme.  But when I stood on that scale this morning to calculate my numbers, I was shocked to see that I put on muscle!  5 pounds of muscle!!!!!  I gave my personal trainer the good news and the measurements she took proved I’ve put on muscle and cut some fat!

I knew muscle building would be hard on the mind to deal with.  Watching the scale go up, up, and up over the last three months when I’m accustomed to it going down, down, and down has been difficult and disheartening.  I assumed I was just putting fat on.  I wasn’t super dedicated to working out.  I lifted only about once a week for most of the three months.  I enjoyed lots of alcohol and a vacation to boot.  Been addicted to sugar and carbs.  Figured it all had to be fat.  So relieved, astonished, amazed and happy to learn that I put muscle on this body!  Weight training really does work!  I have to wonder what I can actually do to this body if I really try…

Today, I get serious about sugar and carbs, and dedicate myself to the gym at least 3 days a week.  I turn 31 in 16 days and I would love to fit into my size 2 pants.  Right now, I’m in a size 6 and not too happy about it.  What weight will I need to be at to fit into my size 2 pants.  5 pounds of muscle changes a body. What body will I have when I drop the fat?  How much more muscle will I feel comfortable with putting on?


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