Oh, It’s Been Some Journey This Past Year!

I’m back!  Oh how I’ve missed you blog!

Ok, so I was doing great a year ago.  Was down to a size 0.  Feeling great!  Had a whole new beautiful wardrobe!  But I was still searching for the root cause of my constant nasal congestion!

Saw a naturopath and was diagnosed with Candida.  Tried to follow the diet, but was dropping weight too much and hit 115 pounds.  So, I decided to pack on some pounds so I could follow the diet and rid my body of the Candida.  BAD BAD idea!

I quickly got addicted to sugar again and haven’t been able to kick the addiction yet!  Packed on 20 pounds and don’t get to wear my beautiful wardrobe or feel good about myself.

During the journey, I also was diagnosed with food intolerances to sugar, wheat and dairy.  Of course!  That’s why I dropped the weight and felt great when I gave up the sugar, wheat and dairy! 

Tomorrow I start following Eat Right for Your Blood Type.  I know there is truth to this diet.  Now, to kick the sugar!!!  But this time, the fruit stays…at least until I need to say goodbye to it.

I started working out with a personal trainer in May.  I am dedicated to working with her until next May.  I vow to make this next adventure worth it! 

Off to my size 0s!  Or at least my 2s 🙂


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