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40 Days to FIT!!! Day 22

Planned on ripping my lower body to shreds!   But, while doing my workout, things weren’t clicking on all cylinders.  I carbo-loaded at lunch hoping it would give me the extra boost.  I started out with my jump squats like usual…after my first set, the second set was hard and I was so unstable!  Didn’t have it in me to do as many reps with the heavier weight on leg presses…what’s up?!

I’m only just getting over my cycle now…maybe my hormones haven’t kicked in yet. Buff Mother says a woman’s hormones start to rebuild after she starts her cycle.  Maybe they aren’t at their peak yet…I’m on day 4.  I will do the same workout next week and see how I feel…

I kept pushing it throughout my workout.  Upped my weight on my weighted walking lunges to the 30 pound bar from the 20 pound bar.  Unstable!!!!  Weight wasn’t that heavy to me, but my stability was so off!  But, that’s the point of those lunges…build stability.  Did two more sets of different lunges, some diagonal squats, wall squats, step ups, dumbbell dead lifts (form?).  Didn’t do a lot of weighted workout to my satisfaction (note to self: do lower body strength with Anne to push the weighted exercises).  Added in some core and did couldn’t manage but one man push-up.  Finished off 25 girl push-ups in a row…was pissed at myself for not getting the last 5 in!  Took a water break and only managed another 16 girl push-ups.




40 Days to FIT!!! Day 21

Rest day once again due to healing toe.  Getting back to the gym tomorrow!!!!!  Day 21 – COMPLETE 😦

40 Days to FIT!!! Day 20

Minor surgical procedure on my toe today.  Couldn’t do a workout today.  Ugh!  Day 20 is a day of rest – reluctantly COMPLETE

40 Days to FIT!!! Day 19

Core with Anne.  Was OK…not great like the first 30 minutes of core I did with Anne…but learned a few new moves.  First day of cycle, so quite a feat that I attempted core today!  Especially after working my lower back the day before!

Reminded Anne of my 30 man push-up goal at the end of the 40 Days challenge.  She told me to do 30 push-ups at the beginning of every workout.  Start out with doing as many man push-ups as possible.  Then follow up with the girl push-ups.  May need to complete the 30 in intervals, but work my way up to doing 30 straight.


40 Days to FIT!!! Day 18

Managed to get to the gym on a Sunday!  Back and bis today.  Pushed the weight again today.  Broke a nice sweat…pretty rare for upper body workouts.  Did 3 manly push-ups at the end of my workout, followed by 17 girl push-ups, then 20 girl push-ups and finally 15 girl pushups.  I’m doing much much better on the push-ups, but am worried about meeting my goal at the of the 40 days.  Day 18 – COMPLETE

40 Days to FIT!!! Day 17

Only got a walk in with my dogs.  Day 17 – reluctantly COMPLETE

40 Days to FIT!!! Day 16

Lower body stability and cardio with Anne…awesome workout!  Day 16 – COMPLETE


Today I turn 31!  Not a fan of 31.  LOVED being 30…will be 30 for 2 years.  I’ll accept being 32 next year, but for now, no, not 31.

I’m truly happy with where I’m at in life.

Personal: great relationship with my hubby.  Over the last 12 years, we’ve had our bumps and bruises, but we were diligent and committed to improve our relationship.  Today, we are better than ever and we are proud to be each others spouse.  We push each other to better themselves and provide support along the way.

Professional: am about to embark on a major career change.  Crossing fingers it comes thru.  HUGE change in income.  HUGE change in working environment.  HUGE change in who has control over me as a professional!

Body: LOVE what I’ve accomplished.  Totally committed to a total body transformation.  Taking it a day at a time, but really pushing it hard on the weights.  Don’t over do it, but definitely make my workouts count!  Someday, I will make cardio more than just a thought…

Looking forward to what this next year brings to my life…

40 Days to Fit!!! Day 15

Back in the gym…THANK GOD!  Chest, shoulders and tris.  Some light ab work and low back extensions with a twist.  Worked out hard, pushed the weights again.  Can still feel my body is lagging from the hormonal timing.  Day 15 – COMPLETE

Not doing too good on the progress to meet my push-up goal.  Work out with Anne tomorrow…going to do a status update with her and see what the plan is to meet the goal.

40 Days to FIT!!! Days 13-14

Unfortunately, still traveling and my hotel room is the size of a closet…seriously!  Don’t feel comfortable going out for a run in this town.  Days 13-14 REST 😦

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