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Size 0!!!

Tried on pants for the fall.  Couldn’t believe it when I tried on a size ZERO and they fit!!!!  Definitely put me in a good mood! 

NEVER thought I would fit into a ZERO!  I still have more weight to take off and tone up.  Couldn’t imagine fitting into a 00, but maybe!



Happy Anniversary to me!  One year since starting my lifestyle change and it’s been quite a year! 

The numbers on the scale are incredible!  I’ve lost 45.7 pounds, 15.8% body fat, and dropped my BMI 8.1 points!  I feel amazing! 

There were rough patches throughout the year, but I got right back on the horse.  My tastes have changed.  The yo-yoing has stopped!  I will never yo-yo again!  My threshold is 5 pounds and is only permitted if I’m on vacation or business travel.

I’m going to start exercising again in a week.  I should be able to get 6 solid weeks of exercising.  Looking forward to changes in my body tone!