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BC Free – Day 63

My last menstrual cycle lasted only 4 days and was wonderful! 

My moods have been fabulous!  I’m returning to the old ME…ya!

Acne…who knows.  Only 2 months in.  Got to give it another month.

Crossed the 2 month mark being off birth control.  I’m definitely glad I got off the hormones!  Being the natural me is the best feeling ever!


Another milestone!!!

I’ve gotten down to 19% BF and over 60% water! 

I can’t wait until May 1 when I’m cleared to start doing strength training!  I need to build up my muscle in a big way.  Even though I’m well over 40% muscle, I need to increase that number with weight lifting.

I DID IT!!!!!

I DID IT!  I can’t believe it!  After nearly 5 years, I lost enough weight to meet my Weight Watchers goal, AND pass it up! 

When I wrote down 125 pounds as my goal, I certainly didn’t think I could meet it!  I didn’t have any memory when I weighed 125 pounds, and definitely not in an adult woman’s body.

What is shocking is that weighing 125 pounds didn’t give me the body I want.  I want to be toned and tight!  Buff! 

Now the new goal…transform this body into a rock hard machine!

60 Pounds Gone!

I passed up the 60 pound mark!  YA!  It only took me almost 5 years to do it! 

So many more milestones will be hit SO soon!

Chiro Update – I’m Taller!

Had my chiropractor take my height measurement…I’ve gained 3/4 of an inch!  Up to 5′ 5 3/4″.  My goal is to reach 5′ 7″ by the end of the year 😉  Who knows…it could happen! 

The taller I get, the better my numbers look on the scale 😉

BC Free – Day 46

Down more pounds!  Ya! 

Acne…going OK.  Not a huge improvement, but I don’t expect to see major changes until I break that 3 month mark.

Nasal congestion…no change.  Ugh!  Again waiting for that 3 month mark.

Mood…feel so much more like my old self!  Definitely nice!  Mood swings are much more under control.  Sex drive comes and goes.

Menstrual cycle is back.  Only 4 days behind schedule…that’s pretty good!

Chiro Update

I finished my initial 90 days of my upper cervical chiropractor therapy!  The results are utterly amazing! 

My head sits further back above my shoulders.  My incontinence is gone!  Most of my symptoms I had when I went to my doc are gone or much better!  I’m one inch taller!!!…which severely affects my numbers on the scale, in a good way!

I will definitely continue my therapy!

BC Free – Day 39

Hormones are pretty even.  Definitely feel more like my old teenage self.  Acne still a rage…but it’s only been 39 days, I still have hope they it will get better in the next two months.  Weight is still dropping! 

I did have two days of feeling like crap and other PMS symptoms last week, but maybe it was just the full moon! 

I’m SO glad I decided to remove the fake hormones from my body!  I will never go back on BC again!