The goal is in site!

I love setting mini goals along the way…they are SO rewarding when achieved!  I recently broke the 130 pound barrier, hit 40% muscle mass and broke thru the 22% body fat on the scale! 

Body transformations take time and dedication.  I’m in it for the long haul!

Started reading Jillian’s book “Master Your Metabolism”.  Turns out that the changes I made with my diet were spot on!  It’s the reason why I’ve lost so much weight without doing much exercising.  It appears that what may have been going on in my body during my 20s was a complete hormonal breakdown!  From the stress, hormonal birth control, poor diet, environmental toxins and excess hormones in the environment. 

This could be the reason why all the doctors couldn’t tell me why i had issues, just that i had them.  By doing different lifestyle changes over the last few years, I’ve been able to improve a lot of my symptoms.  Apparently, I still have more work to do.

Over the years, I have learned how to better manage my stress (albeit I reduced it some, but there is definitely still big stress there), gotten off all medication and hormonal birth control, improved my diet immensely to cut out 99% processed food and sugar (I still eat a few things processed such as salad dressing and A1, and the occassional Ritz cracker, or eating out at a fast food restaurant or normal restaurant).

Things to improve: wash produce really well to remove pesticides, finish reading jillian’s book to find other ways to reduce the impact on my endocrine system and repair what i’m missing, continue to exercise and improve the intensity of the exercise, see if installing the reverse osmosis water filtration system is affordable, reduce my intake of red meat, buy more organic produce, buy more free range grass fed meat or poultry.

Little by little I’m making changes for the better.  The goal is in site.  This isn’t just about transforming the exterior of my body, but also the interior of my body.


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