Cranky, Cranky!

OK, so don’t go a whole day without eating much food!  Surprisingly I wasn’t all that hungry, but was very cranky, frustrated, upset, and had a headache!  That blood sugar is important!

I haven’t been too prepared lately with my meals.  I need to get back on track.  I will be making dinner tonight, will have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch, and WILL run in the AM.  I miss exercising, or at least the great feeling I have when I’m done!  When I get a great 20 minute interval workout on the treadmill, I feel so amazing!  The amazing feeling is when I can run at 8.0+ mph and not feel my fat jiggle!  I have a feeling I will be feeling the jiggle tomorrow tho.

Down to 138 pounds from the weekend gain.   Need to figure out how to control those weekend gains again.  I remember I gained some control over that before my vacation.  Maybe it was the exercising I did regularly before the trip.  That sounds about right.

Still getting used to seeing my butt so small!  There’s still plenty there to lose, but I seriously look thinner than my mental picture is of me.   I know that when you lose a lot of weight after being heavier for so long, it takes a while for your mental picture to catch up.  I still think sometimes I’m in the 160s or 170s.  Maybe when I hit 135 regularly, it might hit me that I’m actually 135 and skinny!

New Year’s is closing in fast!  Maybe the added exercising will get me to my goal for this year!  I seriously cannot believe I’m this close to it!  And that I will finally keep my weight battle New Year’s resolution!!!!!


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