Acne Regimen

I developed adult acne 3 years ago at the same time I developed full-blown IBS.  Coincidence…i don’t think so.  I think both were a new development as a result of my very poor diet.

After giving up the sugar and carbs, I was brave enough to forgo my acne meds to see if my diet was causing my breakouts.  I quickly discovered my old diet of sugar and carbs WHERE feeding all the bad bacteria in my body.  The daily breakouts went away and I only break out during my cycle now!

Every morning I use the Dead Sea Facial Peel on my dry face to rub off as much dead skin as I can.  I keep reapplying and rubbing until I’m satisfied with the amount of skin that came off.  I focus on my cheeks and forehad the most as that’s where I get the worst pimples.

Immediately following, I jump in the shower and rinse off the product.  I then use Dial Antibacterial liquid soap (the non-moisturizing kind) to wash my face well.   Sometimes I will wash my face twice.

I do apply a gel product after my shower called Cell Food for the face.  It is designed to put oxygen in the pores.  Bacteria cannot live in an oxygen environment.  I have no idea if it works, but I bought it so I’m trying it out.  When it runs out, I won’t use it for a while and see if I break out.  I figure it is a supplement for a moisturizer as it does good things for the skin too.

That’s it!  I’m too lazy to wash my face at night…

I get the Dead Sea Facial Peel off the internet for a great price and the Dial is so freakin’ cheap!  My dermatologist told me to use the Dial.  The Cell Food is a bit pricey at around $32 a jar, but the jar lasts a while.   The local health food and product store sells it.


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