Down 2!

Yes!  I’m down 2 pounds the first day!  Definitely going thru the hunger pings.  Looking forward to when my stomach shrinks back to normal and my hunger pings reduce.

I did start my female cycle on Sunday.  So, I’m sure that had something to do with my weight gain too! 

Took the day off yesterday to got my massive To Do list done.  Wanted to be able to put as much attention to this detox as possible!  When I have less stress on my mind, I can focus more on me.

December 1.  That means I have 30 more days to get down to 135 pounds…my goal for January 1.  Will mean I need to be completely disciplined during the holidays!

I want this year to be the first year I go into a New Year without a weight struggle or health issues on my mind!

This year’s goal was to get to 135 pounds.

Next year’s goal is to get buff!


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