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Closer = More Discipline

Christmas has come and gone and I managed to only put on 2.8 pounds over the 4 day holiday weekend!  The closer I get to my goal, the more disciplined I am.  It’s great!  I don’t have to work as hard at being good because it just happens!

I looked forward to Christmas desserts…I told myself I could have some that day.  I waited and waited, until finally it was time to dig in.  They were either too sweet or I didn’t like them!  What??!!  I used to love these desserts!  Then, the cramping and stabbing pain followed…ya!  The reaction I’ve been waiting for for so long if I ate sugar!  It sucked, but ya!

New Year’s Day is only 5 days away…could I break the 135 pound barrier????  I hope so!


“Just don’t get too skinny!”

My mom actually said to me as I was leaving to go home from the holiday “Just don’t get too skinny!”  WHAT!  Don’t get too skinny!  That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that from her!  I’ve always known she felt like I needed to lose weight to be healthier, but she always held her tongue until at last, I was successful at the weight loss.  Then she would come clean and say “I’m so glad you lost weight, you were getting pretty big!”

I told her…10 more pounds mom, 10 more pounds to a buff me!

50 POUNDS GONE!!!!!!


I can’t believe it!  I can’t believe I weigh 136 pounds and still losing! 

Simply amazing!

So Close!

Weighed in at 137 this AM!  New low!

Think I will definitely hit the 136 or 136.5 mark tomorrow!  My system seems to be cleaning itself out today…my cycle cramps tend to do that.   Oh, my cycle showed up.  No rhyme or reason when lately.  So, I think it’s pretty good to be dropping weight at cycle time.

One more pound and I hit the 50 pound weight loss mark!  Here we go…

Clothes…need clothes

My new clothes I bought last year when I lost the weight the first time are getting big!!!  Running pretty low on a wardrobe.   But, I found out how much 5 pounds on this body is!  I cannot buy any clothes until I get close to my goal body/weight.  That’s my push!  I’m so close.  Once I cut the fat, I get to go shopping for clothes that will actually fit and make me feel good!  Maybe I’ll get to buy for summer.  I will be able to wear shorts!!!!  Then buy a whole new wardrobe for winter!  I don’t HAVE to buy wide leg pants anymore 😉

Oh, I’m so excited for 2010!


Oh I miss music!  I haven’t been into tunes lately…not sure why.  But I’m ready to get back on my treadmill and crank them up and go into my zone!

Cranky, Cranky!

OK, so don’t go a whole day without eating much food!  Surprisingly I wasn’t all that hungry, but was very cranky, frustrated, upset, and had a headache!  That blood sugar is important!

I haven’t been too prepared lately with my meals.  I need to get back on track.  I will be making dinner tonight, will have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch, and WILL run in the AM.  I miss exercising, or at least the great feeling I have when I’m done!  When I get a great 20 minute interval workout on the treadmill, I feel so amazing!  The amazing feeling is when I can run at 8.0+ mph and not feel my fat jiggle!  I have a feeling I will be feeling the jiggle tomorrow tho.

Down to 138 pounds from the weekend gain.   Need to figure out how to control those weekend gains again.  I remember I gained some control over that before my vacation.  Maybe it was the exercising I did regularly before the trip.  That sounds about right.

Still getting used to seeing my butt so small!  There’s still plenty there to lose, but I seriously look thinner than my mental picture is of me.   I know that when you lose a lot of weight after being heavier for so long, it takes a while for your mental picture to catch up.  I still think sometimes I’m in the 160s or 170s.  Maybe when I hit 135 regularly, it might hit me that I’m actually 135 and skinny!

New Year’s is closing in fast!  Maybe the added exercising will get me to my goal for this year!  I seriously cannot believe I’m this close to it!  And that I will finally keep my weight battle New Year’s resolution!!!!!

Past another barrier!

Have gotten better sleep each night this week!  Last night, slept like a log!

Still moody.  But the hunger is getting better.  But the hunger at night is very very strong until I fall asleep.

Saw 137.5 on the scale!  Have broke the 138 pound barrier…yayayaya! 

Hopefully, the weight keeps falling!  Either way, I’m happy to be back down in the 130s 😉

Acne Regimen

I developed adult acne 3 years ago at the same time I developed full-blown IBS.  Coincidence…i don’t think so.  I think both were a new development as a result of my very poor diet.

After giving up the sugar and carbs, I was brave enough to forgo my acne meds to see if my diet was causing my breakouts.  I quickly discovered my old diet of sugar and carbs WHERE feeding all the bad bacteria in my body.  The daily breakouts went away and I only break out during my cycle now!

Every morning I use the Dead Sea Facial Peel on my dry face to rub off as much dead skin as I can.  I keep reapplying and rubbing until I’m satisfied with the amount of skin that came off.  I focus on my cheeks and forehad the most as that’s where I get the worst pimples.

Immediately following, I jump in the shower and rinse off the product.  I then use Dial Antibacterial liquid soap (the non-moisturizing kind) to wash my face well.   Sometimes I will wash my face twice.

I do apply a gel product after my shower called Cell Food for the face.  It is designed to put oxygen in the pores.  Bacteria cannot live in an oxygen environment.  I have no idea if it works, but I bought it so I’m trying it out.  When it runs out, I won’t use it for a while and see if I break out.  I figure it is a supplement for a moisturizer as it does good things for the skin too.

That’s it!  I’m too lazy to wash my face at night…

I get the Dead Sea Facial Peel off the internet for a great price and the Dial is so freakin’ cheap!  My dermatologist told me to use the Dial.  The Cell Food is a bit pricey at around $32 a jar, but the jar lasts a while.   The local health food and product store sells it.

Starting to feel the goodness of a sugar free life!

I have so much energy this AM!!!!  I feel great!  My skin is looking better, and my body pain is diminishing.  Why on earth did I leave this life for a while????

Yesterday I was so hungry I ate half my food for the work day before 10am!  Today, the hunger pains aren’t so bad. 

Lost another pound and a half.  One more pound and I see a new record on the scale!

This time around for detoxing is definitely easier than the first!  Will power is much easier to come by and the detox symptoms are minimal.

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