Holidays aren’t an excuse!

I’m so frustrated!  Was down to 138 pounds, and now back up to 142.5 pounds!  The reason why:

When out of my normal routine, such as traveling, I’m always faced with the food dilemma…is the food I need/want to eat available?  Not always!  Sometimes, the only option is carb loaded food.  I NEED to eat, but I only can choose carb food.  This sucks!  I don’t want it, but I have to eat it.  What am I to do?  Well, tolo often when this happens, I think “If I have to eat it, I might as well enjoy it!”…then I eat too much of the wrong thing, and a downward cycle begins!

The trick is getting right back on the horse and hope the weight falls off as I get in tune with my normal routine.

I also can learn to attempt to prepare in advance…make sure to travel with food I can eat.  Or go grocery shopping at my destination if possible.

Yes, it was the holiday…Thanksgiving.  But, this cannot be an excuse!  I ate too much bad food, and now I’m paying for it.  I NEED to remember eating that food isn’t worth it!  Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean it’s a free pass to binge.


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