Started low carb, no sugar on Monday, November 9.  Dropped 5 pounds in 5 days!  I know it’s just the weight associated with dropping the 2 pounds of emergency fat and 8 pounds of water weight when starting a low carb diet.  But, I also know that by keeping up the diet, the rest of my body will catch up and that weight will stay lost.  I will probably hit a plateau, but that’s ok b/c I’m so close to my goal!

My double butt is going away!  Once I get back to exercising, I know I will start seeing dramatic changes in my body.  I can tell I’m just skinny fat right now.  Not what I want to be, but I know this is a process that takes time.

Wow!  130s!  Once I hit 136, I can celebrate a total of 50 pound weight loss from my heighest weight of 186 pounds I hit in May 2006.

As far as the addiction and detox…much much easier the second time around.  Definitely felt some headaches, but manageable.  The cravings were much easier to deal with.  Guess one month of carb and sugar addiction is nothing compared to 29 years.

I’m happy!


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