Starting over!

OK, so a vacation was necessary…but this is ridiculous now!

Went to SF on vacation in early October.  It was great!  My diet sucked!  So I came back and brought back bronchitis too.  Down for the count for 2 weeks.  Vowed to get myself well and back on track.  So I said I would start my life back on the sugar free track…whack!  think again.  H1N1!!!!  Still down, pretty addicted right now to the sugar.  I can feel it.  The cravings are pretty bad…and I give in.  I can feel how BAD I feel after eating the sugar, but I still eat it…thus the addiction!

So tomorrow it begins…Day 1 AGAIN!

P90X will begin at Day 8 once my lungs are up to the challenge!  Stay tuned…

Oh, and haven’t done the whole weigh-in thing since dealing with all of this crap.  Will get some new baseline numbers tomorrow.   Luckily, the weight isn’t off by too much from the last weigh-in, but I just feel like a lump of fat…ugh!


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