The 10 pound weight loss revealed!

Ever wonder why you can drop 10 pounds so fast and put it back on so quickly?

The reason: glycogen and water!  Your body stores around 2 pounds of glycogen (fuel for the brain) in the muscles and liver among other places.  Along with every pound of glycogen, it stores around 4 pounds of water.  Thus, 10 pounds! 

Why this 10 pounds is so significant?  Your body burns sugar and carbs for fuel first.  When it doesn’t have enough incoming carbs/sugar for fuel, it turns to stored energy.  When you first cut carbs or start eating healthy (most of the time eating healthy means you’ve cut carbs in some form), your body will turn to the next fuel source: stored glycogen.  This only happens when you FIRST change your diet.  So, your body will quickly burn up the stored 2 pounds of glycogen.  And when it goes away, so does the water weight it was using.  WOW! 10 pounds gone!

You haven’t really lost any true weight from fat.  All you’ve lost is that water weight you hear so much about.  Here’s the kicker…if you go back to your old eating habits that weight will be back so fast and probably a few more pounds will be added. 

If you stick to the new way of eating healthy, your body will realize that its no longer getting carbs/sugar as a primary source of energy and will start to replenish the glycogen stores and water weight…sorry, your brain needs to function.  The good thing is that what YOU will experience is your metabolism has woken up.  BUT, you will most likely find that your weight is plateauing for a while.  Your body needs to readjust to the new food you are feeding it and reboot itself to find a reliable source of energy, your fat. 

Now, here’s another kicker: when exercising, during the first 20 minutes, your body will burn glycogen and water first.  After 20 minutes, your body wakes up and realizes “hey!  i need that stuff…i’ll burn the body fat instead!”.  So, to make your workouts worth it, kick up the time to more than 20 minutes.

Click on me for more information on glycogen and weight loss

Click on me for more information on glycogen and exercising


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