Muscles and the Spine

So, muscles really do hold the spine in place 😉

I found out about 7 years ago that I had mild scoliosis in my entire back and pretty bad in my neck.  For years I suffered from chronic headaches, neck pain, back pain, and pain everywhere else.  I knew I had to get strong to hold my spine in place…just was too lazy to do the work. 

I went thru just about every therapy I could to help…physical, massage, prescription, special pillows.  2 years ago I saw this treatment on Oprah called Rolfing.  I was very intrigued and was able to find a physical therapist/Rolfer who took pity on me. 

With the approval of my doctor and  a Rx for therapy, she worked on my body.  She CHANGED my body!  The process was painful during the sessions, but the results were immediate and amazing!  I was able to go back last year for another series of sessions.  My body was “holding” the changes she was making and by the end of the 2nd series, my spine in my back was almost straight!  My neck felt great!  I could actually hold my own head up without feeling the strain on my neck.  My doctor was just as amazed as I was!

I vowed to not need another series this year.  I can tell when my body is reverting.  I’ve been exercising and lifting weights for 2 weeks now.  Now when I wake up, my neck doesn’t crack 20 times!  And my back no longer seems to need tweaking!  My spine is being held in place by my new muscles just like God intended 😉  Onward to more muscle building…


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