Just because I LOOK good doesn’t mean I’m healthy!

I’ve never been truly skinny except when I was under 10 years old!  I don’t want to be skinny…I want to be healthy and strong.  So when I’ve yo-yoed for the last 10 years, but never really got to that body I want, people think that I look good where I’m at and shouldn’t lose any more weight.  These people don’t see me naked.  They don’t know how much unhealthy fat I’m actually carrying around.  I don’t want to have a baby in this body!  

People today have this unhealthy way of thinking of what healthy actually is!  Rarely do you find a person who is HEALTHY.  Either people are too thin and no muscle, or obese and clearly not healthy, or LOOK like a good weight and so they MUST be healthy.  Healthy means that your body is functioning the way God intended it to function.  That all cylinders are firing.  This is what I’m working towards…not a weight, not a size in clothes.  I want a healthy body to raise my children in and know that I’m doing all I can to heal this body God gave me.  He has been sending me signs for over 10 years now…pretty much a new one each year.  I’ve been relying on doctors to tell me what is wrong and heal me.  They couldn’t help me.  So I turned to myself and God.  I looked at what I’m doing and how it compares to what God intended me to do.  The two were VERY different.

I’m on my way…little by little.  It won’t be easy, but nothing God ever wants you to do is easy.


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