54 Days and still SUGAR FREE!

After spending my 20s in poor health, visiting too many doctors, complaining all the time, not happy, and overweight, I decided enough was enough!  I was going to take control of my life and health!  So I GAVE UP SUGAR!

Sugar is in almost everything…which means changing my diet meant changing my life too.  My life needed to get simplier if I was going to be successful at this endeavor.  I had to make ME a priority or this wasn’t going to work.

My first attempt at grocery shopping for a sugar free lifestyle left a very empty shopping cart 😉  I found that I could only really buy meat, poultry, eggs, veggies, some fruit, some cheese, and surprisingly butter and cream.  Bypassing the bread and bakery…very, very hard.  As I began this endeavor, my new lifestyle looked similar to the Atkins for Life method.  So I read the book.  The book made sense.

The first week I went thru sugar detox.  SUCKED!  But I made it thru and could feel my body changing.  My body and joint pain were gone!  The longer I stayed sugar free, the better I felt.  My acne started to clear up, nasal congestion was getting better, moods got better, energy increased, happier, headaches went away, sleeping better, tastes changed, and my sex life improved too!

Could sugar really be the cause of ALL my health problems…we shall see in time.  I turn 29 this month…vow to enjoy my last year in my 20s.  AND enjoy my 30s!

The first month of being sugar free has left me 15 pounds lighter!  A nice change.  The weight loss could be the reason for some of my improved health conditions.  Started this new endeavor at 164.5 pounds. Height is 5’5″.  Dropped to 147 pounds.

Was stuck at 147 pounds with no change for 2 weeks.  Obviously I was very happy with this weight loss, and wanted more!  I began exercising and weight lifting and still no change!  After having what my husband called a roid rage (I’m not on steriods of course), I decided to do some research.  Found out how bad nitrates are and how they stall weight loss…ok, we are getting somewhere.  So, now I’m nitrate free too.    No more turkey bacon ;(

I had a heart to heart with myself.  I have wanted to be buff, strong, healthy for many years, I just couldn’t get myself to stay the course.  I knew that I had to be patience…change comes with time, determination, and consistency.  I had to shift my focus.  I couldn’t be caught up with getting my body to a specific weight.  I had to focus on my body fat.  I had no idea what weight my ideal body would be.  So I set my first goal to get down to 19% body fat. 

I have found myself over the past 54 days in new territory.  In the past when attempting to get healthy, I have given up at the first sign of a challenge.  For some reason this time is different.  I can only chalk it up to the fact that I have broken the addiction to sugar in my head.  I have gained control of my addiction.  The detox worked.  I have will power!  Each day I learn something new about myself.  Thus the reason for this blog…to keep me honest to myself and hopefully help someone else who is addicted to sugar and not living their life to the fullest.

The best part of the past 54 days is that I have learned to make ME a priority.  I take the time out of the day to exercise, to make myself food, to enjoy time by myself AND with my husband and doggies.  I have been thru the gammit of emotions, and learned so many things about myself.  All to be blogged about in the future…


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