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P90X – Day 9

Plyo!  I am beat!  I was beat going into Plyo…I wanted to quit 15 minutes in.  I stuck it out!  I can jump better!


P90X – Day 8

Back on track…had to take a few days off. 

Chest and Back.  I can feel the new strength, but still weak for the pull-ups and chin-ups.  Still doing girl push-ups.  Did 20 pound lawnmowers.

A Birthday Treat

Ate sugar yesterday!  It was my 29th birthday.  Went out to dinner to have a good meal at a good restaurant.  Had a glass of dry red wine, some veal and veggies, 1 piece of bread (ya, I ate some bread!), and a 1/3 of a dessert!

The great things about last night:

1) I went out with the mindset “one meal won’t kill me”…it didn’t!  Morning weight stayed the same.

2) I ate one piece of bread because it was a special occasion…enjoyed it and said no to more!

3) I had dessert and I didn’t feel guilty at all!

4) The wine didn’t mess me up, but one glass was enough.

5) I didn’t eat the orzo that was on my plate…ya!  stayed away from the extra carbs.

6) The dessert was SWEET!  I thought it was too sweet and when it was gone I was satisfied and didn’t yearn for more.  I savored every bite though 😉  I even thought that I would have been satisified with my usual dark chocolate instead of the dessert!

7) I know that dessert is ONLY for special occasions.  But, will add in more than a sip of wine if I wish to moving forward.

I’m so happy with how well I did last night!  Was able to go out for a special occasion, ENJOY myself and CONTROL myself.  Looking forward to this new lifestyle of self control over eating!  It is truly amazing how different my mind control is over food now!  I’ve broke the sugar addiction!  I can enjoy sugar on special occasions and go back to my new normal eating habits.  I’ve spent the last 2 plus months wondering about this moment…when I would have dessert, would I be able to control my sugar addiction after that?  The answer is finally…YES!

P90X – Day 7

Stretching…and definitely needed!  Some stretches are simply amazing…others I could do without.  But overall, the best stretching I’ve had in a long time.

Week 1 down.  11 more to go!  BRING IT!

P90X – Day 6

Kempo.  Not a fan of punching, but enjoyed the kicking and as the video went on, started to like the punches.  Noticed all my training as of late has helped strengthen my legs.  Trying to do kicking in March at Boot Camp was like torture.  This time, I enjoyed the kicking!

Pictures are necessary!

When you lose weight you may think you are doing pretty well…as I did, until you take some pictures!  I’m totally not satisfied yet!  Have a ton more to go!

P90X – Day 5

A bit late, but Day 5 workout was finally completed.  Legs and Back.  One of the hardest workouts I’ve done!  The sweat just poured.  Pure exhaustion afterwards…thank god it was Sunday and I could take a nap!

P90X – Day 4

Yoga proved to be a huge challenge for my husband.  We are splitting it across 2 days 😉  He did say that he felt better after doing it.

Update: Did some more of the yoga on day 2.  Still pretty hard!

Dang It! Still didn’t shrink enough!

Went to Victoria’s Secret yesterday to see if maybe, just maybe the twins shrunk enough to fit into a normal size bra.  NEGATIVE!  I tried on a 32D…squish central!  The 32 fit…so at least something was positive.  I asked the VS lady to take her best attempt at measuring me.  She came up with a 34B…HA!  Ya right…these babies fit into a B…maybe one day, but not today!  I told her last time I lost weight a year ago, I had a VS girl measure me, she was way off too!  She said my body was weird…

So I had to resort to altering my bra until I lose some more weight.

P90X – Day 3

Well, female hormones took over yesterday!  I was exhausted…plus didn’t sleep well for 2 nights.  So, it was really early to bed and really early rising!  Did Shoulders and Arms this morning.  It wasn’t too bad.  Still loving Tony’s sets…it really breaks up the time and makes it SO much easier to finish the sessions.

Onward to Day 4 tonight…Yoga.

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